It's Computer rap time! Seven through nine! Sorry about the pixelated quality, Youtube seems to want it to look like total crap. After 15 attempts at uploading a 175MB file, you'd think that it would look great. Apparently Youtube is trying to save space. That's okay, they're next.. Again... HA HA!

It's about that time to get my ass into line, we went one through three and four through six and now it's seven through nine! But all though I went through some annoyances in previous raps it's not a coincidence I went and saved the worst shit for last!

So number SEVEN! Nothing quite says "Ha ha we gotcha!" Like
typing up a damn message just to get stuck on a captcha! All I said was "Call me later!", and then let the next page load.
But now I'm playing Sherlock Holmes and trying to decipher the code...

It's a security measure to see if you're human or not.
As opposed to what? A frog? Trying to send dirty messages from his laptop? Or maybe it's -
Elvis, getting connected and chatting from deep in his grave.
Telling everyone on myspace and facebook and youtube that he'll be back in three days!

No I don't think so! Call me crazy but as I'm typing it out. I can't help but wonder wheres these robots they're so worried about? Look at the image and just type the letters into the box.

Wait, whoa, what letters? All I see is squigglys and dots..
All I said was call me later but after 17 times I broke my
keyboard over my knee and said "ya know what screw it never mind!"

I could sit here for 2 more ours typing and beating my head
better yet I think I'll grab the phone and call you're punk ass instead


Number EIGHT! Technical Support from Microsoft
Just hear me out on this one, it's guaranteed to piss you off! Lord forbid you ever have a problem with your Windows machine, It's like pulling teeth if you think you can find their tech support team, and so I wanna show a little somethin any of you can find,
just got to Microsoft dot com's official website online. and take a look at how to contact them by email or phone, you'll be surprised to find you have to pay up twice for what you already own!

It's 60 bucks to send and email, 60 more just to call,
and if you call em up when their doors are shut its five hundred in all! So while I'm
helping Mr. Gates pay off his 50th car, I gotta
wonder with all respect who do you think that you are? Bill Gates? Where'd you get this big ass head? Makes me
wanna go on out and buy an Apple instead!


Number NINE! No don't go thinking that I went on and missed the, the biggest catastrophe that I see its WINDOWS VISTA!
Since when does the damn PC get to tell me what I'm gonna do? I got a XP installation disk that can get rid of you! Or wait?
Can it? Holy crap, I don't know! When I press F8 and it starts to load, I get a
whole lot of crap I cant understand when I'm
hittin the keyboard and breakin my hand!

So let me get this straight on time for myself, they discontinued windows XP to put this crap on the shelf?
So I can never find my files and none of my old software works? For over a hundred bucks thats the best I can get from these jerks? No I don't think so Mr. Bill gates better give my money back I'm on my way back to the store to get a brand new I-mac.

Alright I think I've said enough for this one if I say so my self, so Ill be back in a flash with a brand new rap going 10 up to 12!
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